I'm one of the lucky few to have seen this film before it's global release. A feature length documentary by Abhay Kumar, it's one of the few gripping films I've seen from this country.
The least I could do is design the official poster. It is my tribute to the filmmaker for his creation. Vijesh Rajan is responsible for the typography layout. The artwork is completely my interpretation of the film, and is meant to ignite the curiosity to watch it!
"After witnessing an act of brutal violence, a filmmaker goes undercover in one of the greatest educational institutes of India to investigate the rising incidents of violence among some of the best minds in the nation. Four students agree to be filmed for a year as a part of this investigative experiment. 
What follows is a dark yet fascinating journey through the celebrated hallways of excellence, carved by ambition and success- and those who pass through it must battle monsters; both within and without. What the world outside sees as success is only a grand start to the battle which lies ahead. 

As the camera follows them over a vast and varied landscape (from deep within the forests of the Parvati Valley to the cold desert plains of ladakh) and probes into the twisted mindscape, a new reality begins to manifest.
What seemingly starts as a controlled, guided experiment becomes a ride down a rabbit hole where reality is an infection. In that world... what could be a cure?"

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